VRoid Studio: A Tool for Making Anime-like 3D Characters Using Your Imagination

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*All presentations are available in the virtual platform on-demand. There will be a Real-Time Live! gallery onsite in Hall E, Tokyo International Forum from 15 – 17 December 2021. Watch the LIVE demonstrations from 10.30am-12.30pm on 17 December in Hall C, Tokyo International Forum and online.

Description: The VRoid project aims to bring "the joy of creating characters" to people all over the world. We have developed VRoid Studio, which incorporates 3D modeling techniques cultivated in Japanese game studios into a parametric modeling and illustration-like production flow, so that anyone can create Japanese anime-style 3D models.

Nozomi Isozaki, pixiv Inc., Japan
Shigeyoshi Ishima, pixiv Inc., Japan
Yusuke Yamada, CGSLAB LLC., Japan
Yutaka Obuchi, pixiv Inc., Japan
Rika Sato, pixiv Inc., Japan
Norio Shimizu, pixiv Inc., Japan

Engineer at pixiv Inc.

Technical Artist at pixiv Inc.

Technical Supervisor at CGSLAB LLC.

Engineer at pixiv Inc.

Product Manager at pixiv Inc.

VP of Product at pixiv Inc.