Sony PCL Inc.'s Virtual Production

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*All presentations are available in the virtual platform on-demand. There will be a Real-Time Live! gallery onsite in Hall E, Tokyo International Forum from 15 – 17 December 2021. Watch the LIVE demonstrations from 10.30am-12.30pm on 17 December in Hall C, Tokyo International Forum and online.

Description: Sony PCL Inc. expanded possibilities of video production with virtual production (VP) technology based on In-Camera VFX method which allows creators more freedom in production. Sony Group Corporation and its affiliates are working on VP technology. Sony PCL is in charge of technical evaluation, solution R&D to develop Japan market.

Sota Koshino, Sony PCL Inc., Japan

In 2015, took a fighter plane with a 4K camera and shot the earth from the stratosphere to produce a documentary TV program "BLUE HORIZON" for the TV broadcaster, WOWOW. In 2017, shot the world's largest cave and produced the 2nd documentary TV program "THE GREAT BELOW" for WOWOW and won the Grand Prix in the Lumiere Japan Awards 2018 4K UHD category. Participated "NHK Special OUT OF THE CRADLES" as a live action director, "VERMILLION" for WOWOW as a planning and production staff, and the movie "DIVOC-12 / Yumemi no Hansei" produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc. as a virtual production director. Continues to produce contents with cutting-edge video technologies that allows viewers to experience an unknown landscape in a simulated manner.