Two Lectures for Retrospective Technologies in Game Industry – TAITO and SQUARE ENIX –

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Youichiro Miyake, SQUARE ENIX, Japan
Yukiharu Sambe, TAITO Corporation, Japan

Talk Description: There is a long history of digital game in Japanese game industry, but also there are many documents and materials which are not well disordered. But in these five years, the documents of game technologies and game design were pun in order, and have become public in some game companies. Even from a modern point of view, the retrospective technologies in game industry are suggestive and important to not only game developers but also CG and interactive media researchers because these are the origins of CG technologies and AI technologies to make an interactive contents. In this lecture, TAITO and SQUARE ENIX shows the 80’S and 90’s retrospective but new technologies which are salvaged from their old materials.

Speaker(s) Bio: Youichiro Miyake, the lead AI researcher in SQUARE ENIX, has been developing games and researching game AI technologies in these 10 years. He has developed and technically designed AI systems for many games, and also he teaches students at the University. AI Technical Advisor, “FINAL FANTASY XIV” Lead AI Architect, “FINAL FANTASY XV” AI Technical Director, “KINGDOM HEARTS III” QA Automation AI Technical Advisor, “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” Visiting Researcher, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo (October 2018 to present) Visiting Professor, Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University (April 2019 to present) Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science, Rikkyo University (April 2020 to present) Chair of SIG-AI in Japan Chapter, International Game Developers Association (IGDA Japan) (2006 to present) Director, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) JAPAN (2013 to present) Director, Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (October 2020 to present)

1979 Joined TAITO Corp. 1979-1988 Developed and managed many Arcade Video games 1992 Developed and released world 1st net Karaoke and its systems 1999 Executive Managing Director of mobile games and contents 2000 CTO Executive director 2012 R&D Advisor The 1980s was a time of great development in arcade video games. Many ideas have been tried and many of them are still alive in today's games. I will introduce you the way of game development and its environment at that time including development materials. I would be happy if this presentation gives you a hint for your new activities.