Blade Runner: Black Lotus

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Manuel Alberto Rojas, Sola Digital Arts, Japan
Hiroshi Yagishita, Sola Digital Arts, Japan
Shuichi Kikuchi, Sola Digital Arts, Japan

Talk Description:

Speaker(s) Bio: 2006年以降日本に拠点を移し、Star Wars The Clone Wars、Transformers PrimeなどにLookdev,Lighting/Composite SVとして参加、Sonic the HedgehogでCG Supervisorを担当 本作ではCG DirectorとLighting & Composition Supervisorを兼任し、アート面を中心としたすべてのプロダクションワークをまとめる。 Relocated to Japan in 2006 Star Wars The Clone Wars, Transformers Prime - Lookdev,Lighting/Composite Supervisor Sonic the Hedgehog - CG Supervisor Blade Runner Black Lotus - assigned as both CG Director and Lighting & Composition Supervisor - responsible for the production work focusing mainly on art

創生のアクエリオン、マクロスフロンティアでCG Directorを担当、2015年よりSOLA DIGITALにてULTRAMAN,攻殻機動隊 SAC_2045に参加、現在は主にHR担当としてスタジオ運営に従事。 joined SOLA DIGITAL in 2015 and participated in the ULTRAMAN, Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 projects currently in the management department responsible for human resources Genesis of Aquarion, - CG Director Macross Frontier - CG Director

2020年にトランスレーターとしてSOLAに参加、コーディネーター、ライティングボードアーティストとしても活躍 He joined SOLA DIGITAL ARTS in 2020 as a translator. He is also active as a production coordinator and Lighting board artist. Blade Runner Black Lotus - Production Coordinator - Lighting Board Artist Panel overview: Brade Runner -Black Lotus- Production Making