Self-Shape-Sensing Device with Flexible Mechanical Axes for Deformable Input Interface

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Description: A novel device that is capable of sensing its own shape, structured around a flexible mechanical axis that allows for its deformation within a wider degree of freedom and enables its tangible control by hand. Users can interact with volumetric images on spatial display intuitively by changing device shape.

Hideki Mori, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan
Yoshihisa Takahashi, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan
Koichi Shiono, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan
Hirofumi Kaneko, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan
Hiroya Matsugami, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan
Masaomi Nishidate, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Japan

Hideki Mori is a senior UX researcher at Sony Interactive Entertainment. He is responsible for R&D of new UX/UI for games and interactive media since 2016. He also has experience as a researcher of signal processing algorithms and a product planner in charge of entire UX. Based on his expertise both in business and technology fields, now he has a passion for developing new UX based on unique technology. 2016–current Senior Researcher, UX/UI. Sony Interactive Entertainment 2008–2016 Product Planner/Manager, New category and home entertainment products. Sony Corporation 2002–2008 Researcher, Video signal processing by machine learning. Sony Corporation

Yoshihisa Takahashi is a software engineer working for the Future Technology Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. His research interests include 3D interaction, physical computing and tangible UI.

Senior Researcher (Hardware/Image Sensor), Sony Interactive Entertainment

Hirofumi Kaneko is a researcher and software engineer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and currently working on developing an interactive device system. He obtained a master's degree in engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University in 2019. His research interests in master's course included the development of electrical haptic displays, virtual reality and ultra reality.

Hiroya Matsugami is a software engineer at Sony Interactive Entertainment. He has been developing video games at SCE and SIE since 2000.

2020-current Artist/Director of R&D team: Sony Interactive Entertainment 1999-2020 Artist/Technical Solution Section Manager: Sony Interactive Entertainment WorldWide Studios Japan Studio