The International Workplace: During and Post pandemic approach

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*A mix of live and pre-recorded presentations. Please click here and select ‘Birds of a Feather’ program to view the live sessions’ timing. All other sessions without date/time are accessible on-demand in the virtual platform from 6 December 2021 to 11 March 2022, unless otherwise specified.

Talk Description: We will discuss new shifts in the workplace and education settings with industry professionals to maintain the quality of work and lifestyle. Come and join!

Ivan Aguilar, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Gabriel Casique, BairesDev LLC, Colombia
Miho Aoki, University of Alaska Fairbanks, United States of America
June Kim, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Kazuo Nishimatsu, Autodesk Japan, Japan
Takayuki Itoh, Ochanomizu University, Japan
Richard Chuang, d1n0, United States of America
Siva Kumar Kasetty, The Monk Studios, Japan
Gabriel Casique, BairesDev LLC, Colombia