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Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, The Third Act

The Blend of Modern Technology and Traditional Art that Kamikaze Douga Challenged at “The Duel”

Mr. Spam Gets A New Hat: An Epic Animation Journey: Moving From the Traditional into the Unreal

Getting started with virtual production How do you balance flexibility with initial costs? Looking towards a successful future for the film industry 今すぐ始めるバーチャルプロダクション 柔軟性と導入コストを両立させながら始めるには? ~今後を見据えた映像事業を成功に導こう~

Two Lectures for Retrospective Technologies in Game Industry – TAITO and SQUARE ENIX

Machine Learning Aided Content Creation In『Love Live!School Idol Festival ALL STARS』~ Automatic rhythm game charts generation with deep learning

Grow Your AI Characters: Emotional Decision Making with GOAP

Motion Matching and Machine Learning for Video Game Animation