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Since its establishment, FORUM8 has been a global engineering software company providing a wide range of solutions to support civil engineering, architectural design, transportation and automotive research based on its packaged software development technology. 3D virtual reality (3DVR) technology used in UC-win/Road, which has been developed and evolved into a forerunner in the industry, has been deployed in various industrial fields as a common platform for solving problems, and used in the implementation of digital twins and smart cities in recent years.

We won The 8th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Awards METI Minister's Award for our efforts to create a VR platform based on open data linkage, and the Semi-Grand Prix at the 7th Japan Resilience Award for our efforts to promote measures for National Resilience through DX. FORUM8 has been highly evaluated as a driving force for the promotion of DX in various areas of society.

In this exhibition, we will introduce the "F8 Digital Twin Software" that can realize DX by using the web platform "F8VPS (FORUM8 Virtual Platform System)" and visualization solutions with VR/CG tools including the 3D real-time simulation software " UC-win/Road" and the integrated CG software "Shade3D", and various simulators linked with these digital twin environments.

Gold Sponsor

Since 1994 Digital Hollywood (DH) has been a leading provider of tertiary digital content education in Japan. Many of DH’s vocational school graduates have gone to have prominent developing careers in leading Japanese and international content firms. During 2004 and 2005, DH established full graduate and undergraduate programs in digital content specializing in web design, graphic design, computer graphics, anime, filmmaking, programming, and ICT-related business. Approximately 4,000 students are enrolled in DH each year, bringing the total enrollment to 100,000 to date. At this year's SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021, we will exhibit mainly the works of graduates of Digital Hollywood who are active in the fields of computer graphics and XR.

Since its establishment in 1935, IMAGICA GROUP has cultivated its own technology and know-how to meet such various needs as manufacturing of equipment related to video and planning / production and contents distribution.

In SA2021 Tokyo, our latest research challenges which bring new visual experiences are presented at our Exhibitor Talks. You can see our brand-new research results, displays and cameras at our booth, where many tech talks are planned to be held at the booth.